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European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference, Copenhagen 28 Nov - 1 Dec

Viva Workshop

28th Nov 22 9-5 with Chirag Patel, Zoe Wilson, Kevin McDonnell

Microsoft Viva Connections Adaptive Cards Extensions

29th Nov 22 10:15-11:15 Room T7 with Anoop Tatti

Viva Engagement! How to Leverage Microsoft 365 to Improve Employee Communications

29th Nov 22 15:15-16:15 Room T28 with Susan Hanley

How Organizations Can Prepare for Microsoft Viva

29th Nov 22 16:45-17:45 Room T41 with Christian Buckley

Harmonising Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Loop

30th Nov 22 14:00-1500 Room W20 with Sarah Fennah

9 Conversation Starters for Microsoft Viva

30th Nov 22 15:15-16:15 Room W28 with Stale Hansen

The Viva Explorers Panel Discussion 1st Dec 22 14:00-15:00 Room Th20 with Zoe Wilson, Kevin McDonnell, Sara Fennah, Chirag Patel, Lesley Crook

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